Department of Political Science, Rutgers University | 89 George Street | New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Graduate classes taught

Research Design in Political Science: Quantitative Methods I
Research Design in Political Science: Qualitative Methods and Design
Organized Interests
Mass Media and Politics
Theories of Collective Action
Proseminar in American Politics

Undergraduate classes taught

American Government (lecture)
Interest Groups (lecture)
Mass Media and Democracy (lecture)
Activism and Advocacy (service learning seminar)
Bias in the Media (First Year Seminar)
Fun, Games, and Cooperation (First Year Seminar)
Issue Politics and the Media (junior/senior seminar)
Social Movements, Interest Groups, and the News (honors seminar)
Topics in World Politics (summer study abroad)
Topics in Comparative Politics (summer study abroad)

Students may access the syllabi on the course website at